As a highly enthusiastic and thoroughly trained classical musician, Natasha demonstrates both passion and skill in performances and as a past principle in the section. As well as being a friendly and welcoming leader she also shares practical knowledge of playing.


I have worked with Natasha for the last three years in orchestras and pit bands. Natasha was the only cello in my pit band for Guys and Dolls and did a superb job. She acted responsibly and professionally at all times and did a very good performance. I have also worked alongside Natasha in orchestras, where she has demonstrated she can confidently lead the cello section. Natasha is a very good cellist and knows exactly what is required of her in any musical performance situation. She would be an asset to any orchestra.


As well as being a promising and talented cellist, Natasha is by far the nicest person I've ever had the pleasure of sitting next to in an orchestra. If you ever want to collaborate musically and with zero stress, make sure it's with her!


Natasha Orchover plays cello on our new album, 'Objets' which is due for release in August 2012. She was quick to learn the songs, innovative, creative and professional throughout. During 2011 she was a valuable fifth member of the live group, performing with us around the Essex and London area. Looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Michelle Bappoo (singer and guitarist with ArtGruppe)

I've played with Natasha in University orchestras for 2 years and she is always punctual and reliable. Last year I was her desk partner when she was leader of the University Pop's Orchestra and through her focus on the section as a whole and the smaller musical details we performed several concerts which were hugely successful and her solo was always delivered with confidence. It was also her idea to set up a cello quartet and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It has been a pleasure to work with her as a musician and a friend.


Natasha is one of those people who just makes playing in an orchestra fun. She is reliable, always learns the music and makes music making enjoyable.


Natasha is an amazing musician, and it was a pleasure sitting next to her in orchestras for seven years; she was always very reliable and very patient when she needed to be.


Natasha is a wonderful cellist. She is competent and confident in all she does and is a brilliant addition to any orchestra or ensemble. She has a lovely personality and is wonderful with children and adults alike.



Welcome to the website of Natasha Orchover. Natasha provides one-to-one tuition for cello and music theory in the Rothbury, Northumberland area.


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